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#149 | The Traditional Side by Side Part 2 with Doug Stewart

#149 | The Traditional Side by Side Part 2 with Doug Stewart

A pair of upland hunters with a brace of woodcock at pineridge grouse camp

Doug Stewart returns to the podcast to talk about shotguns and shooting and preview his new book The Traditional Side by Side Part 2

Since his first appearance on the podcast, Doug Stewart was compelled to pen the follow up to his first book The Traditional Side by Side. Part 2 takes the reader deeper into the side by side shotguns and vintage gun buying and shooting. No matter which type of shotgun you shoot, you’ll find helpful information in our conversation regarding shot size, payload velocity and more all in relation to upland bird shooting.

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast for a sneak peak at Doug’s new book, The Traditional Side by Side Part 2.

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  • Nick, I believe it was this episode you talked about the new go pro mount you have; I apologize if it’s not this episode as I just binged a few episodes. Could you share what you’re using?

    • Hi Andy, thanks for tuning in! The mount I have is the ActionHat DIY kit. I just got done testing it out on my first few hunts of the year and it’s working great. I’ve got some tips for how I mounted it for my upland specific set-up which mainly involves cutting the foam insert down to get the camera lower which improves the weight distribution and makes it less noticeable on your head. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any more questions:

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