Joel Penkala

Joel Penkala is an Upland Bird Hunter and outdoors enthusiast from New Jersey. His love of all things upland has led him to travel and hunt around the United States and fostered his love for double guns and bird dogs. He runs English Setters in his home covers chasing Woodcock, Grouse and Pheasants. When not out in the woods he can be found on the grounds of Hudson Farm, working for Griffin and Howe.

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A Ruger 10/22 with woodstock and blued barrels
The Ruger 10/22 Overview – #002 of the Gun Room Podcast

Innovation in design coupled with efficiency in manufacturing gave rise to the affordable, reliable, and…

Guy Bignell of Griffin and Howe inspects a hammer shotgun.
Guy Bignell of Griffin and Howe – #001 of the Gun Room Podcast

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A day bird hunting with the Stevens 315 side-by-side shotgun
The Stevens 315 Side-by-side Shotgun, History, Cost, and Use

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A sora rail on the edge of a water line during hunting season.
Sora Rail Hunting on a Skiff

Sora rail might be one more reason to start this bird season earlier than usual.…

A man holding a 20 gauge AH Parker shotgun
Parker Shotguns – A Vintage Shotgun History

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A bird hunter carrying a vintage L.C. Smith shotgun.
L.C. Smith Shotguns – A Look into the History of Double Guns

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