Gregg Elliot

Gregg Elliott is the Shotgun Editor for Project Upland. He's been interested in shotguns and gundogs since he was a kid. Today, he blogs about both at and posts to Instagram @dogsanddoubles

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Gregg Elliot breaks down a Fox boxlock shotgun.
How the Boxlock Shotgun Became a Standard

A look at the history behind the boxlock shotgun and the insult that conquered the…

A Beginners Guide to Collecting Vintage Side by Side Shotguns

Your introduction to vintage side-by-side shotguns. This article originally appeared as “Avoiding Double Trouble” in…

A bird hunter with an upland shotgun and his bird dog.
Upland Shotguns – Which is right for bird hunting?

Picking your first upland shotgun? Here’s what you need to know. So you want to…

a female bird hunter holding shotgun shells
What You Should Know About Shotgun Shells

A complete look at the facts and myths of shotgun shells. Imagine it’s 1880 and…