Project Upland Advertisement Policies

Project Upland Media Group is committed to our community’s experience as well as our editorial independence; we have strict policies to maintain the ethos of our brand by limiting advertising opportunities to those that will genuinely benefit our audience. We do not sell customer data or mailing lists under any circumstances. Any potential advertiser must have a direct connection with upland hunting. We have a strict policy against advertorial content and do not offer solicited reviews. As such, we generally do not attend writer or media events hosted by advertisers, but in exchange we offer an open-door policy for current or potential advertisers to be hosted by Project Upland staff on a wild bird hunt as an opportunity to show their product in action. We currently do not accept advertisements for hunting preserves, breeders, dog trainers, hunting lodges, or hunting guides. Project Upland Media Group does not take sponsors or offer exclusive brand agreements. Project Upland staff uses gear based on personal preferences and we have a policy against any form of pro staff sponsorship of our owners or employees. For advertisers who align with our ethos and who aim to bring value to the upland community in a meaningful way, we welcome the opportunity to work together.

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