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Project Upland/CZ USA Crowd-Sourced Shotgun

Project Upland/CZ USA Crowd-Sourced Shotgun

A CZ Shotgun being used on a bird hunt.

The upland hunting community designs the dream upland shotgun

What if you were given the opportunity to design your own shotgun? Would you keep it simple, or would you pull out all the stops for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece?

Project Upland Magazine and CZ-USA are proud to announce the launch of the Project Upland Crowd-Sourced Shotgun. For the first time ever, a gun manufacturer is turning to the public to ask, “How would you design your ideal upland shotgun?”

Listen: Introducing the Project Upland and CZ-USA Crowd-Sourced Shotgun

How does it work?

Project Upland and CZ-USA have created a build-your-dream-gun survey with every imaginable feature on a double-barrel shotgun. Are you a side-by-side enthusiast or an over/under fan? Do you prefer shell extractors or ejectors? Do you like fine wood and detailed engraving, or do you prefer a workhorse field model?

Fill out the survey with your choices as you build your ideal upland gun. The MSRP will adjust based on your selections to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Listen to the backstory on the Project Upland Podcast: #104 | Crowd-Sourced Shotgun Design with Zach Hein of CZ-USA

What happens next?

At the conclusion of the survey period, Project Upland will announce the top three side-by-side and top three over/under gun designs. You’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite among the finalists. The winning design in each category will be produced by CZ-USA and available for purchase in 2021! Read the about some of the survey results with a closer look.

Be sure to send the survey to your friends to make sure everyone’s voice is heard! This is your opportunity to define the next upland gun to meet your needs in the field.

Listen: CZ USA Crowd-Sourced Shotgun Update

What’s in it for me?

First and foremost, this is a chance to have direct input on the latest and greatest upland shotgun. Have your voice heard and vote tallied!

Of course, what is a contest without some amazing prizes? Winners will be randomly selected from among the entries to receive some great upland hunting prizes.

And finally, once the winning design is selected, CZ-USA will get to work producing the Project Upland crowd-sourced shotguns. Stay tuned to find out when the newest upland gun will be available for purchase!

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  • This is awesome! Whichever gun wins, please consider offering it in southpaw version 🙏🏻

  • This is a great idea from CZ and PU. I currently own 2 cz sxs guns and have been very pleased with both of them. I’m excited and interested to see what the community creates.

  • I would be really happy with just the Woodcock G2 from Sportmans Warehouse BUT in 28ga with 28inch barrels.

  • Just listened to the podcast today mowing the lawn but filled out the gun profile on Monday. It was great to hear that My selection on SxS matched Nick almost to the T. 16 gauge all the way with 28” black chrome and Prince of Wales grip and grade III walnut. Best time mowing since baseball locked down. Thanks guys, great podcast!

  • My go-to upland gun is 28 ga Ringneck. The fit and weight are perfect and so an updated version in 20 ga would be delightful

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