Ownership and Funding Disclosure for Project Upland Media Group

Learn about our independent operations, diverse funding sources, and unwavering dedication to editorial independence and high-quality content.

At Project Upland Media Group, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of our relationship with our readers and contributors. In line with our commitment to ethical journalism, we provide clear information about our ownership structure and funding sources. This disclosure aims to ensure our audience understands the forces that shape our content and operations.


Project Upland Media Group, LLC is a privately-owned media organization. It was founded by A.J. DeRosa of New Hampshire, who remains one of the principal owners, along with Jennifer Wapenski of Washington State. The group operates independently, with no affiliations to political, governmental, or corporate entities that could influence our editorial independence. Since the brand’s inception in 2014, we have accepted no startup money or private funding. Project Upland has undergone three business formations: initially under Dangerous Cow Publishing from 2014-2017, then under Northwoods Collective, LLC from 2017-2022. The organization was reformed again in March of 2022, and the new Project Upland Media Group was filed as an official business in New Hampshire, adding Jennifer Wapenski as the second owner.

Funding Sources

Project Upland Media Group’s operations are supported through several primary channels:

  1. Subscription Revenue: Our print subscriptions are a vital source of revenue, supporting operational costs and content creation.
  2. Book Sales: We engage in book publishing, fostering relationships that benefit authors above industry standards while maintaining profitability.
  3. Advertising: Advertising is featured in our publications, podcasts, and website. As an Amazon Associate we can earn from qualifying purchases made by following product links. Importantly, our advertisers do not influence our editorial content. We uphold a strict separation between our editorial and advertising teams.
  4. Merchandise Sales: We offer a range of branded merchandise related to our content themes, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, drinkware, and more.

Exclusions in Funding Sources

Project Upland Media Group does not engage in the following:

  • Non-Profit Funding: We do not accept funding or payments from non-profits. Any advertisement, associated work, and editorial coverage related to non-profits are either donated or incidental to our editorial coverage.
  • Scientific Community Funding: We do not accept funding or payments from the scientific community. All associated work and editorial coverage are incidental to our commitment to highlighting science-based wildlife management.
  • Political Funding: We do not accept funding, money, or support from any political parties, candidates, or political groups. Any editorial coverage of political subjects is incidental and related to our commitment to cover conservation and environmental policy.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team operates independently of our funding sources. We have established strict guidelines to prevent any conflicts of interest. Our content is created, edited, and published without influence from our funders or any external entities. Project Upland Media Group does not take sponsors or offer exclusive brand agreements. Project Upland staff uses gear based on personal preferences and we have a policy against any form of pro staff sponsorship of our owners or employees.

You can read more at: Publishing Standards and Principles of Project Upland Media Group

Commitment to Our Audience

At Project Upland Media Group, we hold our audience in the highest regard; they are our most valued asset. Unlike many media organizations, we do not rely primarily on an advertisement-based funding model. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality, trustworthy content that enriches the knowledge and experiences of our readers. Our unique funding model supports this mission, enabling us to continue providing exceptional content without compromising our core values or editorial independence.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or further information regarding our ownership and funding, please contact us at info@projectupland.com