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#83 | Public Land Birds from Arizona to North Dakota with Jonathan O’Dell and Tyler Webster – Project Upland Podcast

#83 | Public Land Birds from Arizona to North Dakota with Jonathan O’Dell and Tyler Webster – Project Upland Podcast

Public land sharp-tailed grouse

In September, the Project Upland Podcast traveled to North Dakota during the course of filming one leg of the upcoming feature film, Public Grouse. After a few days spent walking the prairie in search of public land sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge, we sat down with our host, Tyler Webster of the Birds Booze and Buds Podcast, along with his guest Jonathan O’Dell of Arizona Game and Fish.

“What most people don’t know is that we’re probably what I always refer to as the small game state. It’s all about biodiversity…”

Jonathan O’Dell – Arizona Game & Fish

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast as Tyler, Jonathan and myself discuss public land upland birds from Arizona to North Dakota. We talk about the opportunities for upland hunting presented in both states as well as compare and contrast the styles of hunting and habitat variation found in each location. We also mix in a little squirrel and rabbit hunting, combined with championship cook-offs and call it a podcast.

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“Hopefully having some interesting conversations with interesting people and getting some DIY bird hunting information to people that are interested”

Podcast | Project Upland Podcast – Episode #6 – Tyler Webster

Learn More | Arizona Game & Fish – Quail
“Quail hunters in Arizona spend the majority of their time pursuing three species of quail, Gambel’s, scaled or Mearns’. A fourth, the California quail, receives little hunting pressure and is found along the Little Colorado River drainage near Springerville. The masked bobwhite, a fifth species, is federally listed as an endangered species, and if still persisting in the wild, is found only on the Buenas Aires Refuge southwest of Tucson.”

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  • Awesome podcast, thank you. I would like to contact both you Tyler and Jonathan if possible. Like to know Tylers aunts bed and breakfast in Douglas AZ? I want to stay there, not with the hunting group, like to find my own birds. Really like your pods.

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