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#51 | Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative with Dr. Erik Blomberg – Project Upland Podcast

#51 | Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative with Dr. Erik Blomberg – Project Upland Podcast

Erik Blomberg with a live trap ruffed grouse

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast I’m joined by Dr. Erik Blomberg, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Maine.

Erik joins the show to talk about his personal upland hunting story and the Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative (EWMRC).

During our conversation, Erik and I start with a bit of his own history in upland hunting as well as his education. We also talk about some of his recent hunting experiences and we compare and contrast ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting in Maine and Wisconsin. We conclude the show discussing the Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative, which is an American woodcock migration research project being facilitated by Erik, his colleagues, students and a host of other conservation and agency partners.

About the EWMRC:
“The Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative is an international collaborative interested in understanding migratory ecology for the American Woodcock.  The project is coordinated by the University of Maine, and involves partners from throughout the United States and Canada.

​“Woodcock have declined throughout eastern North America and we seek to understand how the conditions they experience during migration may influence these declines. By working with a broad set of partners, we use GPS and satellite technology to track woodcock as they migrate between their northern breeding areas and southern wintering grounds.”

To learn more about the EWMRC: Visit The Website Here

To see the migration: View The Map Here

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  • Nick,
    Several months ago your response to my request for podcast transcripts was somewhat encouraging. Project upland frequently offers appealing material that is unintelligible to me with my impaired hearing. Recently a shooting coach’s guidance was available and notwithstanding my Bose headphones, again my efforts to understand even a fraction of the material was in vain. It would please me to learn what is presented in this Woodcock piece among others. Thank you for your consideration.
    Gary Dunning

  • Fascinating information presented here in a very understandable way. I have been hunting central flyway woodcock here in MO for over 30 years and this interview really opened up my mind to what I “thought” I knew about woodcock. And a shout out to your guest, a fellow Univ. of WI Steven’s Point graduate, Go Pointers.

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