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A Season for Timber – A Springer Spaniel Film

A Season for Timber – A Springer Spaniel Film

A story of hunting dogs and grouse hunting set in the Appalachia’s of Pennsylvania

Presented by: OnX Hunt

Our dogs drive our passion for wild places and wild birds. Equally important for this group of Pennsylvania grouse hunters is the community that brings them together. In the highs of the good times and the lows of the hard times, friendship and dogs stand out.

See the world of hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock with flushing dogs. This film features Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers in the Appalachia’s of Pennsylvania.

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  • This is a great story on many levels – love of nature, love of the challenge of the hunt and hiking, and great expression of relationship and bond that engulfs people and their bird dogs

  • Jan 2022 I lost my 16 year old ESS. It was soul crushing. When she died she took a piece of my heart with her. I felt their tears for Timber.

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