Kevin Erdvig

Kevin is the lead filmmaker at Project Upland. He is obsessed with Ruffed Grouse, Trout, and Filming and Photographing the pursuit of both. Telling meaningful stories about people and their passions is what drives Kevin in his filmmaking career. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Kevin and his young English Setter "Torfinn" can be found in the woods all year round enjoying creation and any adventure they stumble upon.

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A bird dog with a woodcock in Maine
Take it To Here – A Maine Wild Bird Hunting Film

Join us on a captivating journey through Maine’s wild landscapes as we hunt for grouse…

Lapland Grouse hunting film award cover
Lapland Grouse – Capercaillie Hunting Sweden

Journey to the boreal forests of Sweden in pursuit of capercaillie, black grouse, and willow…

A Springer Spaniel and a woman
A Season for Timber – A Springer Spaniel Film

A story of hunting dogs and grouse hunting set in the Appalachia’s of Pennsylvania Presented…

A Gordon Setter points a woodcock while bird hunting
Through the Trees – A Project Upland Original Film

The feature cover story “Carolina Treasures” from the Fall 2022 issue of Project Upland Magazine…