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Poor Man’s Elk – Hunting Turkeys in Film

Poor Man’s Elk – Hunting Turkeys in Film

An Elk Hunter Finds a Passion for Turkey Hunting in the Spring

Jeff Lusk is a passionate elk hunter from Puyallup, Wash., who caught turkey fever. Now he finds himself in Missouri with rising flood waters that may put an end to his hunt. But through determination and perseverance, he brings the story home in this Morning Thunder Original Film by Nathaniel Maddux.

The connection of turkey hunting and the act of turkey calling is often referenced to as the “Poor Man’s Elk” hunt. And much like elk hunting, it can take a lot of miles, failed encounters, to overcome the pursuit of wild game.

“If you can feel them spitting and drumming and you can feel it in your heart. You know they are close.”

Lusk, while turkey hunting in Missouri, explores the passion he found for turkey hunting with a lifelong friend. Although time has taken Jeff to the West where he pursues Elk as his primary quarry he finds a profound connection with the pursuit of wild turkeys.

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