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No Cure (Dean Redbeard Mundhenke) – A Southern Turkey Hunting Film

No Cure (Dean Redbeard Mundhenke) – A Southern Turkey Hunting Film

Exploring the legend of turkey hunter Dean “Redbeard” Mundhenke

Dean “Redbeard” Mundhenke is a legend in the turkey hunting community. Most notably known for his Madhatter Calls and his appearance in the award-winning film “The Disease”. The South is known for its rich culture in turkey hunting and here “Redbeard” captures the essence of what the pursuit of wild turkeys means to the heritage of the land and people.

“I plan on turkey hunting till I die or my lungs collapse. It wouldn’t bother me if a Gobbler causes my death. That’s the God’s honest truth.”

Now Nathaniel Maddux, the same filmmaker of “The Disease” brings the second installment to this turkey icon in the short Morning Thunder film- “No Cure”. Will this be the last chapter in the story of Dean “Redbeard” Mundhenke? Or will he continue to haunt the Southern landscape hunting the Eastern wild turkey as his legend grows.

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