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Our Passion – A Mississippi Turkey Hunting Film

Our Passion – A Mississippi Turkey Hunting Film

Journey into the South for a spring turkey hunting story about family.

I was so intrigued by the wild turkey because first of all you are up against something that is incredible. From the eyesight from being one of the hardest animals to take in the woods, it takes all types of skills from knowing the lay of the land and I was really looking for a challenge. And when I found (out) about the wild turkey I knew that is what I wanted to pursue.

Henry Woodard – Our Passion

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard of HALO Outdoors have built a foundation of family dynamics on the Spring woods. From their early dating days to their current exploration of that turkey hunting passion with their children, the Mississippi turkey woods are an inseparable part of who they are.

In this short film from Morning Thunder, we venture into the turkey blind to hear just why they love this pursuit so deeply. From doubled turkeys to times of peace in the woods, this is a multilayered relationship with Mother Nature — and with each other.

“One thing about Henry and I — we love hunting. We started this. It was a passion for us and you can kind of say we grew into it.There is something about turkey hunting that is just so adventurous.The chase is just so fun to me, I just love it.”

Lakeisha Woodward – Our Passion

For those of us who have discovered many parts of who we are in the forests and fields, this is a story from the South we can all understand. This is all of our passion in turkey hunting.

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