Upland Game Bird Meat

These articles, how to’s, and techniques will help you cook better with upland game meat. From butchering and brining, to aging meat and nutrition we have all the upland game bird meat knowledge you need. We cover grouse meat to pheasant meat. Quail meat to prairie chicken meat. All the native and non-native upland game birds of North America get an opportunity at better wild game meals.

Canned quail stew in a bowl with a spoon
Preserved or Canned Quail

Preserve this year’s bird count by canning your quail to enjoy the rich flavors throughout…

Wild bird meat in a vacuum sealed bag
Removing Freezer Burn from Your Upland Birds

Tips for Saving Game Meat and Avoiding Waste in the Kitchen What is the best…

A plucked game bird on a plate ready for cooking
How to Pluck Game Birds, Technique, Time, and Merits

To pluck or not to pluck? Learn how to decide when a bird is worth…

a pot with wild game birds in brine
Brining Game Birds for Grilling

Want to learn how to properly brine those game birds for more moist meat? Between…

A Woodcock served whole after aging.
Aging Woodcock for Cooking – Process and History

What we learn from hanging and roasting these curious morsels of antiquity Many wild game…