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Northwoods Collective Co-Founder – A.J. DeRosa – Project Upland Podcast Episode #1

Northwoods Collective Co-Founder – A.J. DeRosa – Project Upland Podcast Episode #1

A.J. DeRosa, founder of Project Upland with his bird dog Grim

The Project Upland Podcast is officially launched!

It’s official: hunting season has arrived. With it, so has the Project Upland Podcast. In the next evolution of Project Upland, we are prepared to bring you all things related to upland bird hunting via recorded voice and sound. Episode one represents the official launch of an entirely new channel of Project Upland content, which will include special guests as well as special edition podcasts.

In the very first episode of the Project Upland Podcast, we are joined by A.J. DeRosa, the Founder and Creative Director of Northwoods Collective which encompasses Project Upland. A.J. DeRosa is an American filmmaker most notably for the award winning Project Upland Bird Hunting Series. He is also the critically acclaimed author of The Urban Deer Complex. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on suburban deer behavior in the country. A.J. has a passion for sustainable living and the fight for conservation.

Host, Nick Larson and A.J. discuss the origins of Project Upland, its current state, and what the future looks like for the brand. They touch on past films, upcoming features and content along with much more. We also cover current trends and developments in the upland hunting world. And of course, with the 2017 upland bird season taking hold, we share some hunting stories in anticipation of what lies ahead. 

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Listener feedback is welcomed and encouraged as our show takes shape and develops. We’d love to hear your thoughts on episode one and what you’d like to see going forward. If you have suggestions for future guests, topics of conversation or any specific ideas, please post in the comments below and/or contact the host of the show, Nick Larson.

Please like, share, and subscribe as it will support the development of the Project Upland Podcast and allow us to deliver more of what you want. We hope that you enjoy episode one and we’ll be back with episode two very soon.

Listen: Celebrating the Project Upland Podcast Collective – Project Upland Podcast #100

Check it out the Project Upland Podcast on iTunes: Episode One

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  • Hey, this is Andy the regional bio — I miscommunicated to aj about the effects of the March storm (Stella) on woodcock in the Northeast… woodcock did take it directly on the chin, direct mortality from the storm. There was a measurable decline in woodcock counts in several states this year compared to last year. But I think nesting conditions were fair, so hopefully nesting was productive.

  • How do I subscribe? I went to my podcast app (BeyondPod), searched the feed list for Project Upland and nothing relevant came up.

    • Mark- we are in the process of submitting the Project Upland Podcast to most of the different “podcatching” services.

      We are currently on Stitcher and in the queue on iTunes. Once we are on iTunes I believe it’s and easy switch to flip at BeyondPod.

      Thanks for listening and stay tuned!

  • Congratulations Nick! And of course AJ too! Upland Project keeps surprising me with the type of content and projects that PU keeps rolling out. I’m sitting here at the end of my shift and I’m listening to the podcast while I’m training a new officer and he’s writing reports. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see and hear all the stuff you have planned for the podcast. Definitely taking it to the next level to reach out and connect to the upland community.

    People like you, the Regier bros, Anthony, and Jason D. have contributed some great stuff to Project Upland, which has made it amazing. Personally I would like to see more interviews and backstories of those upland IGers’ we follow and those that do so much for conservation (individuals, companies, & organizations) and promote this sport and lifestyle we love so much. Would be nice to get the personal stories from those groups and their upland specialty, hunts, their drive, etc…I think its cool that PU is pulling people from the upland community to contribute. I really like AJ’s idea of a sort of encyclopedia of upland hunting information, from the gear, to specific species, dogs, how to, and so on.

    Again, congrats on the podcast.

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