Gabriela Zaldumbide

Gabby Zaldumbide is the managing editor of Project Upland. She lives on Colorado's western slope where she teaches hunting, angling, and shooting skills. Gabby has an undergraduate degree in wildlife ecology, a master's in public land management, and an honorary PhD in loving her pets.

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A native grouse on a lek
Bird Conservation Organizations Uplanders Should Support

These nonprofit bird organizations are working to save the future of birds in North America.…

a close up photo of grouse feathers
Types of Bird Feathers

Learn about all the various types of bird feathers and how to identify them. Feathers…

An aerial view of pheasant fest
The 2023 Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic is Almost Here — This is What to Expect

This year’s installment of the largest upland show in the US will be hosted in…

A Gunnison Sage-grouse Male
Gunnison Sage-grouse (Centrocercus minimus): A Critically Imperiled Species

Prominent filoplumes and limited home ranges define this rare game bird with less than 5000…

A Lesser Prairie-Chicken in Oklahoma
The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Has Been Listed Endangered

Despite continued efforts the Lesser Prairie-Chicken makes the endangered species listing in another blow to…

An American Woodcock probes for worms on a forest floor
American Woodcock Accumulate Lead According to Study

Using non-lead ammunition can decrease the impacts of toxic lead levels on this beloved upland…

Two bird hunters in Colorado with a Dusky Grouse
Bird Hunting in Colorado – Grouse, Quail, Chukar, Pheasant, and More

Upland bird hunting in this Rocky Mountain state features a variety of species, habitats, and…

An American Woodcock probes for worms in the soil
Unusual Facts About American Woodcock

American Woodcocks are, surprisingly, a migratory bird species with a strong upland hunting culture and…