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#10 | Modern Wild – Aaron and Adam Regier – Project Upland Podcast

#10 | Modern Wild – Aaron and Adam Regier – Project Upland Podcast

Adam and Aaron Regier of Modern Wild hunting grouse and woodcock.

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I was joined by Aaron and Adam Regier, two of the three brothers that founded and operate the upland hunting lifestyle brand Modern Wild.

Project Upland released its latest film, Timber Rocket, which not only featured the boys from Modern Wild, but was also a collaboration between Modern Wild and Project Upland.

As it’s still hunting season here in the midwest, Aaron and Adam filled us in on their latest trips into the grouse woods and about their overall upland hunting season. We talked about the Project Upland film, their beginnings as upland hunters, the state of Modern wild, and much more.

Listen: Modern Wild and Project Upland on the Natural Born Hunter Podcast

Aaron, Adam, and Abe Regier have a passion for upland hunting and sharing their experiences with others. Like us at Project Upland, the boys of Modern Wild are about capturing and documenting their outdoor experiences in a way that excites and motivates others to do the same. They have a deep respect for the timeless traditions and history of the outdoor sports. That doesn’t mean they’re afraid to introduce technology and modern devices into their methods. This blending of tradition and technology is done for all the right reasons—to spread awareness, motivation, and excitement in other upland hunters.

You can find out more about Modern Wild and what they have to offer by visiting their website here.

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