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Timber Rocket – A Project Upland Original Film

Timber Rocket – A Project Upland Original Film

A Short film collaboration with the Modern Wild, dedicated to the passion of American Woodcock hunting.

The Modern Wild and Project Upland converged in the “ruff country” of Minnesota. There Aaron, Adam, and Abe—three brothers—share their love for the American Woodcock, a bird that is far too often under-appreciated. They celebrate the idea of individuality in the uplands. There is no standard issue, appearance, or personality that takes the field. This pursuit of the “Timber Rocket” inspired a viral clothing line. It has since become popular among a new generation of bird hunters throughout the country.

Listen to an interview with the Regier brothers: #10 | Modern Wild – Aaron and Adam Regier – Project Upland Podcast

Although they also pursue the Ruffed Grouse, like many of us, they find themselves pulled back to the bird that captured their hearts. A bird that magnifies our love for good dog work. The American Woodcock has been called many names and a revival is bringing them to the forefront of modern upland hunting. A bird that exists in a split world of migration and classic upland covers is just simply too hard to resist.

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