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#35 | Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods – Project Upland Podcast

#35 | Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods – Project Upland Podcast

An upland hunter with a Brittany and Hungarian partridge in Idaho

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I am joined by Andrew Wayment, author and Idaho upland bird hunter. Andrew joins the podcast to talk about his upland bird hunting adventures in Idaho as well as the upcoming release of his latest book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods.

Andrew and his brother Shawn are avid upland bird hunters who document many of their stories and adventures on their blog:

Andrew on the upcoming release of Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting:

“As many of you already know, I am a ruffed grouse fanatic and love the excellent literature on grouse and grouse hunting. My favorite grouse hunting authors are Burton Spiller, Grampa Grouse, and George King, but there are so many others that have written wonderful books on the subject.

“For a long time, I have hoped to contribute something worthwhile to this wonderful sporting and literary tradition.  I’m excited to announce that my book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, will soon be published by The History PressAugust 13, 2018.”

Copies of the book can also be pre-ordered on

“Upland Ways was created by two brothers that love to be afield with bird dogs, rods and smoothbores.  Andy and Shawn Wayment enjoy sharing their adventures in the uplands and hope you enjoy them too!”

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Project Upland podcast and thank you for listening! Let us know what you think about the show as well as what you’d like to hear about on future episodes by commenting below or sending me an email directly:

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