Project Upland Magazine with some bird hunting gear on a table

Project Upland Magazine

If you have a love for wild birds, public lands, shotguns, and hunting dogs, then this magazine speaks to you.

Project Upland Magazine is a thriving small business, and it owes its success to dedicated subscribers like you! Our pride lies in the creation of a quarterly print magazine that sets itself apart from others by steering clear of advertorials, gift guides, and lodge reviews. Instead, we focus on delivering captivating content that resonates with individuals who share a passion for wild birds, public lands, shotguns, and hunting dogs. If these subjects ignite a fire within you, then our magazine is tailored precisely for your interests. Join us in celebrating the world of upland hunting and the wonderful community that surrounds it!

  • 4 Issues Per Year of Exclusive Content
  • 96 Pages on Premium Paper and Perfect Bound
  • Save over 40% off the Newsstand Price
  • Free Subscription Shipping to the United States & Canada
  • $5 Off all T-shirts and Sweatshirts!
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