The Winter 2020 cover of Project Upland Magazine featuring Alec Garcia of Chukar Chasers.

Project Upland Magazine is a quarterly publication that takes readers through the four seasons of our living tradition. From history to culture, we will continue in our quest to preserve the past and welcome the future. In all this, we are committed to staying true to our collective – the DIY-ers, professional dog trainers, first-time dog handlers, dogless hunters, shotgun enthusiasts, novice bird hunters, and all the upland obsessed.

Introducing Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine

We are proud to announce the launch of Hunting Dog Confidential magazine—a semiannual, coffee-table-quality publication featuring the dogs that hunt alongside humans around the world in pursuit of waterfowl, upland birds, big game, and more. From retrievers to pointers, from tracking hounds to bear dogs, we will tell the stories of the mainstream and the obscure. The high-quality writing, photography, and artwork filling two hundred pages will take readers on a timeless, international journey. Our mission is to promote the hunting dog lifestyle to new demographics and to expand the knowledge of those already obsessed.