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#78 | Quail Habitat with Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges – Project Upland Podcast

#78 | Quail Habitat with Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges – Project Upland Podcast

Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges

So we were beginning to ask the question about quail habitat, we’re doing the best that we can to manage quail on these traditional sites, and then by accident essentially, on these grassland areas that are being managed with fire and grazing, quail are doing quite well. Perhaps what we’ve been doing is not the best way to do it?

Frank Loncarich | Wildlife Management Biologist

Do you know what makes up great bobwhite quail habitat? Do you know how the birds use the habitat throughout the year? What can we all learn about quail and quail habitat from the largest quail research project ever conducted in the state of Missouri? We tackle these questions and more on another episode of the Project Upland Podcast with Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges of both Land and Legacy and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Frank Longcarich | Upland Consultant
“Largely raised in southwest Missouri, growing up in a family of avid bird hunters Frank has spent the last 20 years managing and researching upland game birds, primarily greater prairie chickens and bobwhite quail. Recently, he has been excited to lead, along with Kyle Hedges, the largest quail research project ever conducted in Missouri.  His true passion is upland game birds, but he also enjoys turkey hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

Kyle Hedges | Upland Consultant
“Raised in the upland bird mecca of Kansas his passion was born at a young age for upland birds. Kyle has now spent 24 years managing upland game habitat on public lands in Kansas and Missouri. Along with Frank, he led the largest quail research project ever conducted in Missouri. He is an avid trapper, hunter and angler, but bird hunting has always been his passion.”

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