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#13 | Border to Border Outfitters – Patrick Flanagan – Project Upland Podcast

#13 | Border to Border Outfitters – Patrick Flanagan – Project Upland Podcast

Patrick Flanagan guiding a group of hunters in Arizona for Southwest quail.

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Patrick Flanagan of Border To Border Outfitters joins us.

Border To Border Outfitters is an upland hunting guide service that offers hunts—literally—from border to border. Whether it’s ruffed grouse and woodcock in northern Minnesota or quail in southern Arizona, Patrick has you covered. Pat is an upland hunter’s upland hunter. But above everything else, he’s a dog man. He guides his clients with a love for his dogs and a respect for the gunner’s passion and motivation. I’ve hunted with Pat in Minnesota the past two seasons and can assure you: he walks the walk.

I caught up with Patrick down in Arizona as he was just settling into his new digs and getting a feel for quail season. We then talked about his season so far, his guiding business, and his plans for the future. Hope you enjoy the show!

For more information about Patrick and Border To Border Outfitters, please check out his website:

Watch Patrick in the film All Wild.

“Whether you want to hunt the hardwoods of Minnesota, in search of the “King” Ruffed Grouse, or need to find your soul in Southeast Arizona after the trifecta of Quail…B2B Outfitters has a hunt for you! If you are the type of Upland hunter that enjoys beautiful scenery, bountiful coveys, and great working dogs, Arizona has it all! At Border To Border Outfitters, we offer the full experience. The mystique that the border fence provides is as chilling as the first day a covey ever let loose up your pant leg. We have 3 huntable species: Gambels, Scaled, and Mearns. Want to try your chance at all three? It could just happen! Start planning for your hunt! You will need your legs in shape and your barrel clean. It’s not hard to fly through a box of shells quickly.”

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