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#3 | Matt Seidel – Product Manager at OnX Hunt – Project Upland Podcast

#3 | Matt Seidel – Product Manager at OnX Hunt – Project Upland Podcast

Matt Seidel, Product Manager at OnX Hunt, hunting sage grouse in Montana with Project Upland

On this week’s episode Matt Seidel joins us, Product Manager at onX Hunt.

We delve deeply into the world of onX Hunt, a digital mapping platform built for the outdoors person. Matt and I discuss the different products offered by onX Hunt as well as the specifics of each offering. We explore how this digital mapping platform can be put into use to immediately improve your scouting and hunting methods.

Matt is an avid hunter and has a wealth of experience using onX Hunt, from its early stages up until its latest release. There is a whole bag of tricks in the app: from saving and storing maps, to utilizing the offline mode when you leave the grid in pursuit of your favorite wild birds.

Output is only ever as good as the input. This is why I specifically asked Matt about their data collection methods. I learned how they ensure that users of onX maps have the most current, accurate information available.

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Matt and I had a particular lengthy discussion about the offline mode, which is of great interest to me. This is owing to the fact that, with a bit of planning and preparation, it’s possible to download the areas you plan to hunt or scout before your trip. When you leave cellular coverage with a downloaded map, it’s like you never even left. The GPS receiver on your phone will continue to work even without cell coverage. The downloaded base map will ensure you will still have the ability to navigate. We also touch on the airplane mode hack that lets you save on battery life, but not lose your location.

Outdoorsman developed onX Hunt outdoorsman. This couldn’t be clearer from my conversation with Matt. I hope you enjoy episode three of the podcast—and I encourage you to check out onX Hunt if you haven’t already.

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  • I enjoyed the first two podcasts but I am unable to listen to the 3rd because I don’t have iTunes on my phone. Any chance you’ll be setting this one up like the first two?

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