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#79 | Gun Dog Kennels Built to Last a Lifetime with Greg Cronkhite – Project Upland Podcast

#79 | Gun Dog Kennels Built to Last a Lifetime with Greg Cronkhite – Project Upland Podcast

Greg Cronkhite of Dakota 283 Kennels

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to hear Greg Cronkhite’s upland hunting origin story along with that of Dakota 283 Kennels and much more.

Greg Cronkhite, founder and owner of Dakota 283 Kennels joins the Project Upland Podcast to talk all things upland hunting and bird dogs. Growing up a dogless bird hunter like myself, Greg and I have more in common than we even realized–including one of our favorite hockey teams. Greg’s background in bird hunting eventually found its way into his already successful rotational molding business. Sterling Technologies designs and develops rotational molded plastic products to the highest degree (mil-spec) which is the same level of design and engineering that goes into Dakota 283 gundog kennels.

“We made thousands of military cases and products for the U.S. government . . . so we took that technology and said, ‘Let’s build a kennel!'”

Greg Cronkhite, Owner and Founder of Dakota 283 Kennels

About | Dakota 283
In 2013, Dakota 283 was created. Dakota (since we now lived in South Dakota) and 283 (since we live on 283rd Avenue). Simple, but effective. We thought it would be way cool to develop a product line near and dear to our hearts for our dogs. I am a Lab owner and I was tired of buying low end two piece end crates that would end up in pieces in the back of my truck after 30 days. We decided to take our historic plastic processing knowledge and marry it up with our dog and hunting experience to develop our first products. We focused on upland game and waterfowl hunters with a vault and kennel system that was placed in the back of an SUV or pickup called the Badlands Vault combo. Very cool product and a must-have for the serious upland or waterfowl hunter.

Once we started the process there was no turning back. Since the original introduction, we have three generations of kennels developed along with various accessories and derivatives of the kennel. We continue to test at the proving grounds (Cronkhite Farm) and listen to people like you who love the products and want to see us evolve into even better-performing solutions to pet protection.”

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