Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez is a writer, artist, and upland hunter who was born and raised in Southern California. His passion for upland hunting led to the creation of his blog/website, UplandJitsu: The Art of Upland Hunting. His blog primarily consists of articles dedicated to the traditions of quail hunting with an emphasis on introducing new hunters to DIY public land hunts, without a dog. He currently resides in Long Beach and hunts in the nearby National Forests for upland game.

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A quail call used during a California quail hunt
How to Use a Call for Hunting California Quail

Improve your hunting chances by learning how and why to use a quail call Silence.…

UplandJitsu hunting California quail without a dog
Hunting California Quail Without a Dog

A guide to researching, scouting, locating, hunting, and retrieving valley quail without the help of…

a shotgun along with some basic cheap gear for a day bird hunting
Bird Hunting Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Want to take up bird hunting but are on a tight budget? This article will…

A mountain quail in California
Bird Hunting in California, Quail, Grouse and More

Take a look at the amazing opportunities for upland and small game hunting in California.…

A bird hunter holds a classic merican pump shotgun while hunting.
Exploring Vintage American Pump Shotguns

Exploring the vintage shotgun market of the American classic pump shotgun The Damascus twist-barrels glistened…

A dove flushes after being pushed by a hunter
Walking Up Doves While Hunting

Instead of sitting and waiting try walking up doves on slow days Dove season. You’re…

Two Eurasian Collared Doves after a hunt in the summer
Hunting Eurasian Collared-Dove in the Summers of the United States

Good to eat, year-round seasons, limitless bag limits, the Eurasian collared-dove takes the edge off…