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#37 | Field Care and Conditioning for Sporting Dogs with Dr. Kristina Mott – Project Upland Podcast

#37 | Field Care and Conditioning for Sporting Dogs with Dr. Kristina Mott – Project Upland Podcast

Upland hunter and veterinarian, Kristina Mott with her German shorthaired pointer

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Kristina Mott — veterinarian, upland hunter and breeder and trainer of German Shorthaired Pointers and Duck Tolling Retrievers. Kristina joins the podcast to talk about her love of caring for, breeding and training bird dogs as well as her passion for upland bird hunting.

During our conversation we talk about how Kristina got started in upland bird hunting as well as her early inspirations for becoming a veterinarian. She currently owns and operates Town and Country Veterinary Clinic in central Wisconsin. We also discuss the dogs that Kristina breeds and trains, including duck tolling retrievers and German shorthaired pointers. Of course we talk about caring for our sporting dogs, including tips on conditioning and training our dogs as well as preventative maintenance and what to carry in your first aid kit.

To learn more about Kristina and her veterinary practice, check out the website here:

About Kristina:

“Dr. Kristina Mott is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who earned her Doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013.  Dr. Mott completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2009, graduating summa cum laude with a major in biology and wildlife ecology and a minor in chemistry.

“Her approach to veterinary care includes all aspects of pet health, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle as well as your pet’s physical condition and mental wellness to optimize overall health.

“Dr. Mott and her husband, Ben, reside in Waushara County with their son, Jake, dogs and horses.”

Kristina also shares regular tips on sporting training and care via the Upland Athlete Facebook page.

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Project Upland podcast and thank you for listening! Let us know what you think about the show as well as what you’d like to hear about on future episodes by commenting below or sending me an email directly:

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