"Dr. Joe Spoo is a graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation he practiced in the grouse woods of northern Minnesota before relocating to the prairies of South Dakota where he has spent the last 16 years chasing birds with dogs. Spoo’s passion is the canine athlete and he believes in a cradle-to-grave approach to managing the canine athlete.Dr. Spoo is a Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and the only such specialist who has committed his career to hunting dog health and expanding our field of knowledge of these amazing athletes. In addition to his practice responsibilities, he has an active consulting business serving sporting dog owners and the sporting dog industry. He also manages a website (, a comprehensive resource for all things gundog related."

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A dog drinks from a water bottle during a hunt.
Protect Your Dog from Overheating and Heat-Related Illness

Joe Spoo DVM, DACVSMR explains the signs of heatstroke in hunting dogs and how to…

A hunting dog eating dog food with intestinal health probiotics.
The Importance of a Dog’s Intestinal Health

A look into the factors and issues with intestinal health in hunting dogs with sport…

A veterinarian examines a hunting dogs teeth for dental disease
Dental Disease Actually Effects a Dogs Ability to Smell

Ignore the old wives’ tales and learn the science behind dental disease and a dog’s…

Trimming a hunting dog nails
How to Properly Trim a Hunting Dogs Nails

Looking at proper nail cutting, maintenance, and care for hunting dogs from Dr. Joe Spoo…

a hunting dog licks his nose in irritation
Nasal Discharge in Dogs – Identifying Nose Trauma with Hunting Dogs

Dr. Joe Spoo explores minor to major nose issues that can occur in the field…

An American Brittany eating dog food after a hunt for birds in the west.
What is the Best Nutrition for Hunting Dogs?

A look into a Eukanuba study on hunting dog nutrition with sport dog veterinarian Dr.…