Robb Moore

Robb Moore has pursued the meaning of life from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the Kathmandu valley to the ivory towers of the academy, to Christian ritual as clergy, and hospital bedsides. Recruited as a bird hunter in his mid-40s by his spunky Brittany pup, Lincoln, he is still on the hunt, but only for birds, his heart having found its rest in walking meditation and the Tao of Bird Dogs. [More musings at]

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Jordan Wells demonstrates his force fetch training method.
Old Dogs, New Tricks: Smith-Inspired Innovations and the Wells Method of Fetch

At the center of bird dog training and handling is a community of inherited thought…

A Brittany holds a bird dummy during retrieve training
Introduction to Force Fetch for Pointing Dogs

Demystify the process of training your pointing dog to reliably retrieve any object on command…

Tom Beckbe Tensaw jacket worn by an upland bird hunter with a Brittany
Trying it on for Size: The Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket

This classic, waxed cotton jacket evokes more than just upland fashion The first time I…

Rick Smith trains a Brittany to be steady
The Smith Method of Bird Dog Training with Rick Smith

DIY bird dog training using the Smith Method with trainer Rick Smith This article is…

Mo Lindley training a bird dg using the Gibbons-West method
The Gibbons-West Method of Pointing Dog Training with Mo Lindley

Understanding the Gibbons-West method of training pointing dogs As a first-time bird dog owner and…