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#58 | Field First Aid and Being Prepared with Dr. Dustin Babler – Project Upland Podcast

#58 | Field First Aid and Being Prepared with Dr. Dustin Babler – Project Upland Podcast

Veterinarian Dustin Babler upland bird hunting.

Dustin is a veterinarian, upland bird hunter and passionate educator when it comes to field first aid for our bird dogs.

Do you know what to do if your dog gets cut on a barbed-wire fence? What if your dog is showing signs of hypoglycemia, hypothermia or overheating? These are just a couple of the many questions that Dr. Dustin Babler addresses on this episode of the Project Upland Podcast.

Tune in to the show to hear Dr. Dustin Babler describe how he prepares for trips into the uplands. He’ll tell you what to carry in your first aid kit as well as what to watch out for when hunting and observing your dog. We also take a closer look at what the handler can do to be adequately prepared before going on any upland hunting trip.

Nutrition, supplements and medications are part of the discussion on this episode of the podcast. Dustin will tell you when to use them, how to use them and how to pick the best application for your dog.

While we cover a lot of specific information with respect to treating and caring for your bird dog, always consult your veterinarian when it comes to making the best decisions for your bird dog.

About Dr. Dustin Babler:
“Dr. Dustin was born and raised in Woodridge, Ill. At a very young age his family instilled in him a compassion for serving others.

“His journey ultimately led to the University of Illinois where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. During veterinary school, his passions flourished. He has continued to refine his skills in practice. His particular areas of focus lie in ultrasound, cardiology and surgery.

“When Dr. Dustin isn’t working or traveling on mission trips abroad, he enjoys spending his free time outdoors. From hunting, fishing, camping, or even just going on runs and hikes with his dogs, Dierks and Cali, you won’t find him inside on a sunny day!”

Animal Hospital of Woodstock:

First Aid Kit Discussed on the Show:

Animal Poison Control Hotline: (888) 426-4435

Follow Dustin on Instagram: @drdustindvm

Also mentioned on the show: Pheasants Forever Bird Dogs For Habitat

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