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Volume Two, Issue One of Project Upland Magazine is the official #PublicGrouse edition from our recent feature film tour. The front cover features Matt Hardinge and his German wirehaired pointer on a ptarmigan hunt in Utah which is  story that offers unique perspective on public lands as someone who grew up in England. The issue covers a wide range of topics (and six species of grouse), including our first piece of fiction a captivating story called “The Prince’s Grouse” by  Michael R. Thompson.  This Spring issue of the magazine is celebration of the iconic grouse species of North America.

In the Spring 2020 Issue

“The Spring Hoot” – by Grace Sensing

“Spirit of the Noonday Sun” – by Durrell Smith

“Photo Essay – Public Access Training” – by John Taylor Pannill

“The Last Sage Grouse” – by Ben Deeble

Champion of the Bellwether – By A.J. DeRosa

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Biologists” – by Bailey Petersen, Heather Shaw, and Meadow Kouffeld

“Fight for #PublicGrouse” – by Ryan Busse

“The Prince’s Grouse” – By Michael R. Thompson

“Think Like a Mountain” – by Mark Parman

“Grouse Meat of America” – by Hank Shaw

“Unfamiliar Birds, Unfamiliar Territory” – by Nick Larson

“Hunting the Land of the Free” – by Matt Hardinge

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