Public Grouse Film Tour – A Feature Film on Grouse Hunting

Coming in Early 2020, a one-hour feature film featuring the story of the Public Grouse in America, produced in collaboration between Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Project Upland Magazine.

Proudly presented by OnX Hunt, in association with Eukanuba Sporting Dog.

There comes a time when one gets older and becomes more aware of the world around them. Sure, I’ve experienced this in many ways in life, but I will never forget how confused I was over the concept of “public lands.” Every newsstand shelf would carry hunting magazines with articles about “public lands” this and “public access” that. Flipping through the pages, I wondered to myself, “Doesn’t everyone hunt public lands? What else is there?” Those, of course, were the thoughts of a young naive New Englander who did not come from a world where private property (at least for hunting) was a thing.

Grouse hunting further compounded this mystery as I cannot recall ever shooting a grouse on anything other than ground designated either public access or public land. In fact, the sheer quantity of land needed to maintain grouse habitat with hunt-able populations seemed just about impossible for any private landowner. Some species are simply more finicky than others and while, yes, private land grouse hunting does exist, it is a tiny minority in the pursuit of grouse hunting. 

This need, coupled with our passion for grouse hunting, has wooed many of us into a love for public lands, and thus into the fight to protect them. When I think of my childhood memories all the way to my present day trips out with my bird dog, the fact that it was and is all possible because of public lands is not lost on me. Public lands have become part of who I am. The birds I love to pursue, at their most fundamental and basic level, are public grouse.

The Year of the #PublicGrouse

Earlier this year, Project Upland Magazine in collaboration with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, joined together to tell the story of our beloved #PublicGrouse. The idea was simple: capture the people, places, and birds that make the story of grouse and public lands in North America so important to us. We sought to celebrate the truth that without public lands we would not know any of the grouse species in the capacity we do. They are a part of our culture, the fabric of American grouse hunting.

The plan was to cover seven locations, six species, and a wide spread of characters from our community, all in a one-hour feature film.  Springtime brought us to the sage grouse lekking grounds of Montana and to the unusual pursuit of sooty grouse in Alaska. As September came into swing, we headed to the plains of North Dakota, hot on the heels of the sharp-tailed grouse before heading to the high country of Utah to chase the non-native Ptarmigan.  As the leaves began to turn color and the season shifted into fall, we spent time hunting spruce grouse in Minnesota before applying our efforts to the iconic ruffed grouse in both northern and southern Appalachia. 

We envisioned taking the film on the road to screen it at events in 20 locations across the lower 48 states.  So, over the course of a few weeks in February and March 2020, powered by local chapters of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, #PublicGrouse will be shared as a celebration of our lands, our birds, and our stories. To further this focus, the Spring 2020 issue of Project Upland Magazine will revolve around the theme of #PublicGrouse, which will dive even deeper into the stories of this iconic part of the American public lands story.

2/5/20Syracuse, NYRedhouse Arts CenterBuy Tickets6pm – 9pm
2/5/20 Missoula, MTRoxy TheaterBuy Tickets5pm – 8pm
2/5/20 Minneapolis, MNHeights TheaterBuy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/5/20 Fargo, NDDrekker BreweryBuy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/5/20 Rapid City, SDElks TheaterBuy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/6/20Green Bay, WIDe Pere CinemaBuy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/7/20Reno, NVUniversity of Reno JCSU Theater Buy Tickets6pm – 9pm
2/8/20Thomasville, GA Thomasville Center for the Arts Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/10/20Gaylord, MIJay’s Sporting Goods Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/12/20Portland, MEOxbow Blending & Bottling Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/12/20Pelham, NHChunky’s Theater Buy Tickets5:45pm – 8pm
2/18/20Charlotte, NC Heist Brewery Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/19/20Pittsburgh, PA Rowhouse Cinema Buy Tickets6:30pm – 9:30pm
2/20/20Laramie, WY Accomplice Micropub Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/20/20Wichita, KS Walton’s, Inc Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/20/20Salt Lake City, UT Brewvies SLC Buy Tickets6pm – 8:30pm
2/22/20Cincinnati, OH Woodward Theater Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/27/20Boise, ID White Dog Brewing Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/27/20Fort Collins, CO Lincoln Theater Buy Tickets7pm – 10pm
2/27/20Spokane, WA Myrtle Woldson PAC Buy Tickets6pm – 9pm

It is our hope that this film tour brings the community closer together and amplifies our public lands battle cry. As we face an uncertain future for grouse populations and hunting on public lands in the United States, it becomes crucially important that we are conscious of how the unique nature of public lands has given us the gift of grouse.

We want to hear your #PublicGrouse stories on social media! Over the course of this hunting season use the hashtag #PublicGrouse and tag Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Project Upland, OnXHunt, and Eukanuba to be entered for a chance to win prizes! We are also on the hunt for more stories to tell in online articles about what the relationship between public lands and grouse means to everyday hunters. This is the year of the #PublicGrouse.

The flyer of the 2020 #PublicGrouse film tour with Backcountry hunters and anglers.

Last modified: February 10, 2020

20 Responses to :
Public Grouse Film Tour – A Feature Film on Grouse Hunting

  1. Mike drout says:

    I’ve hunted northern WI all my life. Park Falls, Chewaumagon Forest. ruffed Grouse capital of the world. This year was our continuation, 4 th generation of our family hunting here.

  2. Chuck King says:

    looking forward to it! Grand Rapids MI date?

  3. Dale W. Arenz says:

    I would have been interested if the film Public Grouse had been just about ruffed grouse but I have absolutely no interest in all the other grouse involved and I won’t waste my time watching hunting that doesn’t interest me. For the same reason I don’t subscribe to your fine magazine. Anything to do with ruffed grouse I am very interested, I have hunted them for over 60 years and love ’em.

    1. Jim Pederson says:

      Your dogs would like those other birds.

    2. Stuart says:

      Kinda of short sighted.

      1. Dale W. Arenz says:

        No, 84 years old and no longer interested in any but ruffed grouse and woodcock. I have been there and done that and have chosen the best!!!!

    3. Ted Cassar says:

      But the world doesn’t revolve around you !

  4. Colin Pugsley says:

    Rapid City SD!!! Hell yeah!! Got my ticket

  5. Jesse says:

    They seem to have Madison Wisconsin on the poster but not on the actual schedule above. Are they showing in Madison?

    1. A.J. DeRosa says:

      The Madison date was changed to Green Bay, WI. The flyer needs updating. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Michael Dunlap says:

    You’d reach a lot more enthusiasts of you made the video available for streaming. Why not?

  7. Matt Bresina says:

    Will this film be available to stream or purchase somewhere after the screening events?

  8. Steve Garrison says:

    I keep hearing that the “ Great Decline “ in grouse numbers is due to habitat loss . Balderdash ! It’s bugs . Mosquitoes that carry W. Nile and ticks that carry Lyme . There’s plenty of good habitat out there .

  9. Sam Chapirson says:

    Looking forward to checking this out. I do also hope at some point it is available to stream, I have friends in Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma i know would love to see it.

  10. Don Mallicoat says:

    Charlotte is an odd choice for NC since it’s not even in grouse country. Asheville would have been a better choice since it borders 1 million acres of public hunting land. There’s also a lot of brewery venues to choose from.

  11. Gai M Miller says:

    There are many here in Alaska that would love to see this film. I would suggest three locations, the Panhandle, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

  12. Kurt says:

    I hope it will be available after your tour ! I am an avid Deep South grouse Hunter .
    Keep up the good work and exposure of our upland hunting heritage!

    1. A.J. DeRosa says:

      It will eventually be available post tour. We are still in negotiations on the platform that will be hosting it. But will let everyone know as soon as we find out.

  13. Levi Schenk says:

    Just purchased my ticket this morning, but have yet to receive confirmation. Will a ticket be emailed, or will they have my name at the door?

  14. Gene H says:

    When will this be posted online so we can watch if we missed the public dates?

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