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How Much Passion – A Sharp-tailed Grouse Society Film

How Much Passion – A Sharp-tailed Grouse Society Film

Explore the world of the Minnesota sharp-tailed grouse in film.

There was a time well over 60 years ago when the sharp-tailed grouse was the most common species in the upland hunter’s game bag in Minnesota. Today we do not think of sharptails when we think of Minnesota; we think of the ruffed grouse. But tucked away in the northern part of the state there still exists a world of sharp-tailed grouse hunting.

In this bird hunting video we follow members of the Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Society into the grasslands in search of their passion. It’s a measure of their common love for the bird, the wild and public places that sustain them, and their mutual concern for the critical future they face as biologists, hunters, and volunteers come together to make sure the sharptails have a voice.

An early snow fall combined with high winds makes for tough hunting and shows the natural obstacles a sharp-tailed grouse must face. It also demonstrates the crucial importance of proper habitat to sustain a viable population on public lands in Minnesota.

These are the stories of the men and women who invest their time, money, and emotional resources to fight for the future of this forgotten game bird.

To find out how you can help the future of the Minnesota sharptail check out: Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Society.

This film was presented by Federal Premium and Visit Thief River Falls

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