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All About the Dogs – An American Brittany Film

All About the Dogs – An American Brittany Film

For many of us, the pursuit of upland has become all about dogs. And in this case, “All About Dogs” has become an American Brittany Film.

“I can’t get enough of it right now. It Truly is my passion. All the dogs have the capability. You just need an individual who can learn and really wants to apply it.” – RICK AFFUSO – An American Brittany Film

Rick Affuso is a New York native whose passion in life above all is the American Brittany. Four of them to be exact, four you will see in this Gun Dog Confidential Film. With his office and home wallpapered with American Brittany paraphernalia and the awards his dogs have taken over the years. Affuso has submerged himself in the gun dog community. He is dedicated to not only lending a helping hand to others, but to continue to learn and better he and his dogs.

AMERICAN BRITTANY FACT – The American Brittany was called the Brittany Spaniel until 1982 when the AKC dropped the “spaniel’ from it’s name. Since then, it has adopted the name “American” Brittany.

This American Brittany Film takes us on a journey through training, NAVHDA testing, and hunting. A look at the American Brittany in action. From corrective training, first hand advice and even some tips from famous gun dog trainers. Affuso has traveled the country pursuing, learning, and expanding his knowledge of gun dog training. This American Brittany film will motivate anyone to get out there and train their gun dog. And people who don’t own a gun dog will be sure to want to buy their first gun dog!

Listen: All About The Dogs with Rick Affuso – Project Upland Podcast Episode #80

This American Brittany film was brought to you in part by Dogtra: The Worlds Finest E-collars. To find out more about gun dog training or to get the latest articles, tips, and videos, check out our bird dog training tab.

DID YOU KNOW? – Rick Affuso and his American Brittany, “Spruce”, made their first cameo in the season one Project Upland film “Because They’re Wild”. Check out the 6:29 to 6:59 mark.

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  • Love Spaniels in general my dogs for the last 20 years have been weimaraners and vizlas and a Chessie wiemaraner cross she was and excellent dog she was killed this spring, I got a Brittany a year ago my Chessie cross taught him some things but now he will be learning on his own this Film is so inspiring to see the passion that he and I both have in working the Dog(s) it is truly a Awesome Healthy Addiction Thanks for the Film clip!!!! Hunt on !

    • Great video – like Rick I got my first Britt as a kid — I was 13 — 47 years ago — and still remember her fondly. As I right this – there is an 8 month old Britt pushing at me with a kong to play catch – guess I’d better go!

  • I’m an upland hunter and own two Boykin Spaniels. Your videos are my latest obsession. Very well made and inspiring videos. Please keep it up.

    All the best,

    Paul Kennedy

  • This was an excellent film. I appreciate his training style and faith in his dogs. I have Britts and hunt/guide in northern Maine..It’s all about the dogs on every hunt I do. Nothing less.

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