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Adventure Awaits – A Pineridge Grouse Camp Story

Adventure Awaits – A Pineridge Grouse Camp Story

Deep in the grouse covers of Minnesota sits the Pineridge Grouse Camp, known for its magical allure.

Pineridge Grouse Camp is not your average bird hunting lodge. This grouse hunting outfit in the heart of Minnesota Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock country reflects many intriguing layers of people, stories and culture. Based in the quaint town of Remer (Bigfoot Capital of Minnesota), it has become a hub for grouse culture. From opening season parties to hosted educational events it helps to further the beauty of the grouse woods.

Listen: Pineridge Grouse Camp – Jerry Havel – Project Upland Podcast Episode #20

Jerry Havel is the owner and operator of this infamous outfit. Imagine a world where the whiskey flows, gun dogs can go anywhere, Parker shotguns are loaned like candy, every meal is a sacred event and the campfire is serenaded with the live musing of an award-winning blues artist. This is what Jerry has created. A place many of us have come to dream about in the off-season, where the scent of whiskey always brings us back to the memories we have made there.

“It’s about the dogs, the birds and the guns. It’s very romantic and peaceful and you get to escape. This is a true wild bird hunt.” 

Many people have come to make Pineridge their home away from home. Here we can truly capture the celebration that is grouse culture. It’s the adventure that awaits us every year as the summer fades to cooler days and the leaves begin to turn. Come for the journey into the magic of grouse camp.

“Its magical. When I go to heaven, I want to come back to Pineridge and the covers. The grouse woods is just a special place.”

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