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Stevens 555E – A Shotgun Review

A Look at the Stevens 555E and previous shotgun models. My first look at the Stevens 555 over/under shotgun was at a media event in northern Minnesota. There were a lot of guns...

Gunner Kennels – G1 Dog Crate Review

Is man’s best friend getting man’s best kennel? I’ve sat in dozens upon dozens of creative/marketing/product/brand/you-name-it meetings over the past handful of...

Primos KennelUP Dog Kennel – A Gun Dog Kennel Review

Can You Build a Better Mousetrap – I mean, Gun Dog Kennel? There’s a dizzying array of dog kennels available on the market, ranging from flimsy boxes that couldn’t...

Franchi Instinct L – A Shotgun Review

A look at the Franchi Over-and-Under Shotgun in the Uplands If ever there were a biased gun review, this is it. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. It’s just that this was the...

CZ Sharp-tail

CZ Sharp-Tail – A Shotgun Review

The CZ Sharp-Tail is a reliable side-by-side shotgun without breaking the bank. Opening day of woodcock season in New Hampshire is like Christmas for my dog and me. We count the...

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Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail

Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail – A Wild Game Cookbook Review

I first met Hank Shaw while at a dinner in a zoo. Yes, in a zoo. It was a dinner with the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) in Billings, Mont., some years ago. I am...

Dogtra Pathfinder

Dogtra Pathfinder – E-Collar Review

Overall, the Dogtra Pathfinder is a great solution for those who want a gun dog GPS insurance policy without breaking the bank. The story of GPS dog collar ownership often enough...

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gun cleaning mat

Sage and Braker Gun Cleaning Mat – Review

A gun cleaning mat built with a quality that will survive generations. I have a confession. I’ve watched (and enjoyed) nearly every episode of the Fox comedy, The New Girl. Now,...

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gumleaf boots

Gumleaf Boots: Review

Built with the upland hunter in mind, Gumleaf Boots come in both men’s and women’s sizing. The proper upland hunting footwear has always been—and likely always will...

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filson x danner grouse boots

Filson x Danner Grouse Boots: Review

The Filson x Danner Grouse Boots, an upland boot with comfort and durability from two iconic brands. When I opened the box of my Filson x Danner Grouse Boots, I immediately...