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Review of the Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters

Review of the Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters

A pair of Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters on a tailgate after a bird hunt.

Things to consider on the Decibullz hearing protection.

In February last year, my husband and I got our first bird dog – a pudelpointer named Oakley. New to upland hunting, we wanted a versatile breed that would allow us to hunt a mix of birds, as well as keep mountain biking and maintain harmony in our home. 

We spent our spring and summer in the training fields with Oakley learning how to use a bird launcher, planting pigeons, tossing dummies and tracking farmed pheasants. Needless to say, it has been a year of gear and learning in our inaugural foray into upland hunting. 

During the pre-season, we made sure we weren’t the only ones being trained, and dedicated ourselves to trap and skeet shooting at our local public range. With more time at the range and in the field on the horizon, we both invested in better than usual hearing protection to make sure we’d have a long and healthy future with our shotguns. 

My husband and I each took a different approach. Willing to spend a bit more, he invested in electronic hearing protection. Because I already had enough to buy this season, I went with the Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters. 

Summer 2022 Issue of Project Upland Magazine

Decibullz earpieces are the only re-moldable custom earpieces in the world. They’re made from a thermo-fit plastic that I found very easy to fit. All you need is a bit of hot water and about 10 minutes at your desk, and you’ve got custom fitting earpieces for under $100.

We spent a lot of time side-by-side in the field and at the range this year, and there are a few trade-offs I noticed. For one, he bought batteries at least 4 times. I personally love the no-fuss system of the battery-less percussive filters of the Decibullz earpieces. As we hiked around in the field, I did notice that his hearing was less-affected than mine overall, however some of his low frequency sounds were intensified and less bearable, like snow falling from trees nearby. I found the Desibullz to be easy to take in and out if need be, especially with the lanyard that can attach to the filters and collect the earpieces around your neck. 

Their durability was tested when I accidentally left them in my pocket after an evening of grouse hunting and sent them through the wash. After their tragic tumble dry, I found them misshapen and stuck to a sock. To my surprise, I was able to revive them by re-doing the same initial molding process to reheat and re-shape the earpieces. Because they aren’t electronic, they survived this mishap. If that’s not a testament to durability, I don’t know what is. 

Overall, I think the Decibullz are a great fit for gearing up for upland hunting. The price point is manageable, the custom fit makes them super comfortable, and they don’t require a commitment to batteries like other electronic earpieces.

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