R.K. Sawyer

R.K. Sawyer lives in Sugar Land, Texas, and is the author of four historical Texas waterfowling books: A Hundred Years of Texas Waterfowl Hunting – The Decoys, Guides, Clubs, and Places (2012), Texas Market Hunting: Stories of Waterfowl, Game Laws, and Outlaws (2013), Images of the Hunt (2020), and The Tarpon Club & the Genius of E.H.R. Green (2022) available at www.robertksawyer.com.

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Historic etching of two duck hunters shooting ducks from a sink box
History of the Sinkbox

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A black and white photo of Texas waterfowl hunters using a steer to duck hunt
Hunting Ducks Over Cattle: The Trained Waterfowling Steers of Texas

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Snipe decoys set up during snipe hunting
How to Hunt Snipe with Decoys

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