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Chasing the Devil Bird | #83 of the Upchukar Podcast

Chasing the Devil Bird | #83 of the Upchukar Podcast

Custis Coleman on chasing the devil bird known as chukar

Owner of the soon-to-be launched “” which is an online instructional series on birddog training, Custis Coleman joins the show to talk all things Chukar.

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Join us this week as we discuss his introduction and development into the world of bird dog training from some of the most prolific names in the business, how he discovered Chukar hunting, what keeps him going back, the art of talking to biologists, chukar gear and much, much more

The Upchukar Podcast is presented by: OnX HuntEukanuba Dog FoodFranchi USAFirst Lite, and Chukar Chasers

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  • Just a word on the vest. Make certain it has a waist belt to take the weight off the shoulders. A limit or near limit of birds, get heavy. A leather man for removing cactus splines from both the dog and you will be appreciated.

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