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A Sense of Place: HDC Episode #27

A Sense of Place: HDC Episode #27

Exploring how the places our hunting dogs originated and are used today influences their development

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We are back with a sneak peek of season three of the Hunting Dog Confidential Podcast. Craig and Jennifer catch up on what they’ve been up to since the last episode (hint: they’ve been hunting with their dogs) and what’s new in the Hunting Dog Confidential world.

As a recap, season one explored the whatwhat breeds are used as hunting dogs and what were they developed to do. We did a quick survey of all the hunting dog breeds, ranging from pointing dogs to spaniels, retrievers, hounds, terriers, and many more. In season two, we explored the how… how are these dogs used to hunt and what are the methods people use with their dogs to hunt game. We explored traditional bird hunting with a pointing dog and a shotgun, we discussed small game hunting, big game tracking, and falconry.

Now, we want to dig a little deeper and establish a sense of place by asking where. The location where hunting dogs developed played a huge role in their characteristics and their use. This includes not only their geographic location, but also the time in which they were developed and refined. This is still true even today, where breeds can develop regional differences as dogs are bred to excel in the local terrain and culture where they are hunted.

The possibilities for exploring rabbit holes are endless and we are so excited to launch this new season by digging deeper into the stories behind our hunting dogs. This third layer will go even deeper into the cultural fabric and human connections where our hunting dogs were created and continue to be refined today.

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