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Scent Hounds, Running Hounds, and Badger Hounds: HDC Episode #16

Scent Hounds, Running Hounds, and Badger Hounds: HDC Episode #16

A historic photo of coonhounds at a tailgate with raccoon hunters

Discover the origins and development of scent hounds used for hunting foxes and raccoons

In this episode, we continue our journey through the hounds, moving into the well-known category of scent hounds. These dogs are characterized by their extraordinary ability to follow a scent trail, not only the fresh trail of a wounded animal, but also the “sweat trail” of an animal that may have passed through days earlier.

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Scent hounds have enjoyed a prominent place in pop culture, with references and well-known examples ranging from Disney cartoons to the iconic song, “Hound Dog.” We dig into the meaning of the epithet “hound” and why Elvis—and many others—found reason to sing about it.

Scent hounds may be the great equalizer among the history of hunting dogs, because they were (and continue to be) used and loved by people across all economic and social classes. Working hounds run the gamut from fox hunts across wealthy estates in the English countryside to houndsmen and women running coonhounds in the southern United States.Whether the purpose is simply the thrill of the chase or to put meat on a table or pelts in the bag, the shared love for the dogs of the pursuit is universal.

Historic photo of coon hunters with raccoons and coonhounds

For a little word trivia, we look into the etymology of “cur” and what makes curs especially versatile dogs for working and hunting. We also discuss the Dachshund and what makes this little “Swiss Army knife” dog so incredibly difficult to categorize. There incredible history lives on today even in places like Norway with the Dunker.

Tune in to learn more about scent hounds and running hounds. As always, we thank you for listening and hope you’ll continue to reach out with your comments, questions, and ideas. We can be reached at

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