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#85 | Gordon Setters and Grouse Hunting with Stephen Faust – Project Upland Podcast

#85 | Gordon Setters and Grouse Hunting with Stephen Faust – Project Upland Podcast

Stephen Faust and Gordon setters hunting woodcock

A Dive Into the World of the Gordon Setter and Grouse Hunting

For over 40 years, Stephen Faust has pursued upland bird hunting and the training of bird dogs with a passion. His passion and excitement are clear as day in any conversation with him including this episode of the Project Upland Podcast.

Stephen recently joined me to talk about his 2019 upland bird hunting and guiding season so far as well as his string of Gordon Setters. From Minnesota to North Carolina Stephen spends as much or more time in the woods than just about anyone I know. Coupled with decades of experience his excitement for the upland lifestyle is infectious and he offers the Project Upland community a unique perspective.

Watching a dog nail a grouse, to me, is the fun of the day. I honestly don’t care if the bird is killed or not. I just love to see the dogs point them.

Stephen Faust – Stoneybrook Gordon Setters

While Stephen spends much of the fall season guiding grouse and woodcock hunts at Pineridge Grouse Camp in Minnesota as well as the mountains of the southeastern U.S., he spends most of the year training his string of Gordon setters. Breeding only to sustain his string of guide dogs, Stoneybrook Gordon Setters offers pups for sale now and then, but ultimately Stephen is after the betterment of the breed and his dogs in their pursuit of grouse and woodcock.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast as Stephen and myself discuss Gordon setters, ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting as well as Gumleaf boots and much more.

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“Whether guiding clients for grouse and woodcock in Minnesota, Virginia, or his home state of North Carolina, Stephen Faust is at home behind his string of finished Gordon setters. His has been a nearly 40-year obsession with birds as wild and unpredictable as the terrain in which they live. It’s also been the endless pursuit for the perfect dog, that one-in-a-lifetime setter that brings immeasurable joy and pleasure whether the bells rings or the clapper’s stop”

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