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#30 | Chasing Chukar in Nevada with Travis Warren of – Project Upland Podcast

#30 | Chasing Chukar in Nevada with Travis Warren of – Project Upland Podcast

chukar hunter and owner of upchukar Travis Warren with his bird dog.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Travis Warren of the Upchukar podcast joins the show to talk about chasing chukar, bird dogs, and wingshooting across Nevada.

Our conversation covers Travis’ intro to upland hunting and his journey and development as an outdoorsman. Travis’ passion for wingshooting runs deep as does his love of bird dogs. Recently Travis’ passion has developed into a website and podcast of his own where he shares his adventures and knowledge with other upland hunters.

To learn more about Travis and his podcast, check out his website at

“Sharing stories of upland and high country adventures in Nevada.”

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  • Great podcast! Totally enjoyed it. Travis and I have become very good friends and listening to how he was introduced to hunting and how it has changed him as well as being a big part of life is what hunting needs to continue to flourish. And yes, he does have a “radio” voice.

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