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#76 | Grouse Habitat Q&A with Ann Jandernoa – Project Upland Podcast

#76 | Grouse Habitat Q&A with Ann Jandernoa – Project Upland Podcast

A ruffed grouse drums on a log in grouse habitat

“As you get into the second and third week of October, you need to start looking for dense shrub components that could be the under-story of a canopy . . . a lot of younger cuts don’t have it.”

Ann Jandernoa – Northwind Enterprises

Where are the best places to look for grouse during midday when they seem to disappear? What ruffed grouse habitat or things should I look for during late season when the ground is snow-covered but not so deep we stay out of the woods? Starting on September 15 and moving forward at 15-day increments, what changes about the type of cover that Ann would be looking for birds in? What changes do the birds make as the season progresses? How does Ann look at grouse and woodcock habitat differently? At what age does a cut become no longer worth the time to hunt?

These questions and more answered on this episode of the Project Upland Podcast with Ann Jandernoa of Northwind Enterprises.

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“Scout-N-Hunt is a mapping system that evaluates public hunting land through research and years of experience to determine which lands contain prime habitat for your best hunting options each year. It helps hunters understand which habitat is valuable for the best hunting experience because everything we hunt needs specific habitat. Hunters can research and locate public land/private land boundaries, key habitat locations and changing prime habitat locations before they step foot in a new area. You can also mark trails or save GPS location points for future hunts.”

About | Ann Jandernoa
“Ann’s vision from the beginning has been to grow Northwind Enterprises LLC based on her extensive knowledge of forestry, GIS, various mapping software programs, interpretation of aerial photography and satellite imagery, and experiences in being a hunter all her life, into a business that can provide the hunting enthusiast with the information, education and services that will make his/her hunting experiences as enjoyable and productive as possible.”

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