Mike Adams

Mike Adams is an outdoor writer, wildlife biologist, and educator hailing from salt marshes of the mid-Atlantic. His work has appeared in numerous outdoor publications, where he uses hunting and fishing narratives to explore deeper issues in conservation or ecology. In the fall, you'll find him on his Barnegat Bay Sneakbox hunting ducks with his dog, Boone. Any other time of year, he's usually out on the salt marsh, catching crabs or fishing for striper.

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A Labrador Retriever retrieves a teal while hunting
A Complete Guide to Teal Hunting

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A duck hunter uses a duck call to call in ducks
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Duck hunters set out a small amount of decoys
Perfecting Minimalistic Duck Decoy Setups

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A pair of mallard ducks prepare to land in late winter weather.
Tips for Late Season Duck Hunting

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Ducks spread out naturally in the water
Understanding Natural Duck Decoy Spreads

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Barnegat Bay Sneakbox in Four Months in a Sneak Boat
Legacy of the Barnegat Bay Sneakbox

The Barnegat Bay Sneakbox is a waterfowling boat legacy that has lasted generations and adpated…