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#139 | Design Your Next Shotgun With Upland Gun Company

#139 | Design Your Next Shotgun With Upland Gun Company


How Upland Gun Company is catering to wingshooters and double gun enthusiasts with their new line of customizable high quality Italian shotguns.

Joined by Jerry Havel, co-founder of Upland Gun Company, we take a deep dive into the double gun offerings of the newly formed company. With the ability to customize your shotgun from muzzle to butt in just about any way, UGC aims to provide wingshooters freedom of choice in a high quality Italian shotgun. After catching up on the hunting season, news and events at Pineridge Grouse Camp, Jerry and I discuss all things UGC. From the inspiration and founding of the company to the customization and order process listeners will know exactly what to expect before getting in contact with UGC.

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to find out how you could design your very own Italian shotgun from Upland Gun Company.

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About | Upland Gun Company
“Customization best describes what the Upland Gun Company (UGCo) has to offer in a fine double gun for the modern hunter. Our mission is to bring the ability to build a gun with the features and look the consumer wants. No longer does the hunter have to settle for what is available off the rack as is the case from most gun companies. With the UGCo the consumer has the choice of standard models or building the gun from the tip of the barrel to the butt of the stock.”

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  • My question is how reliable are the RFM shotguns. Are we talking Beretta quality or are we talking like FAIR Rizzini kinda quality?

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