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#134 | Bird Dogs and Double Guns with Gregg Elliot

#134 | Bird Dogs and Double Guns with Gregg Elliot


A conversation on bird dogs, double guns and more with Gregg Elliot, writer and shotgun enthusiast, of

When it comes to double guns, Gregg Elliot is one of our favorite guests to have on the show. As a writer and shotgun enthusiast, Gregg is a wealth of knowledge and has plenty to share on the topic. Before diving into shotguns, Gregg fills us in on the tragic loss of his two bird dogs late last year and fortunately shares with us that a new puppy is on the way. A brief discussion on out-of-state hunting trips quickly transitions to shotguns and shooting as Gregg updates us on the market for double guns and what’s exciting to him. 

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  • “…pheasants are hard on pointers…” – well, for those of us who only hunt to train our dogs, the challenge seems like good training – also, where we hunt (primarily for chuckar and huns) pheasants are few and far between – the one or two finds per hunt are typically good training opportunities – if dogs fine ’em and hold ’em till released that’s rewarding for us all – if they screw up and bump ’em, birds are training ’em – thoughts ?

    • No disagreement from me Jack. I haven’t spent much time chasing pheasants but watching my 6 month old setter point a couple roosters in South Dakota last fall was OK by me!

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