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Volume Two, Issue Two of Project Upland Magazine featuring Durrell Smith of the Gun Dog Notebook on the cover is one of most popular issues to date! From the stories of the GA-FLA Shooting Dog Handlers Club and the racial history of African-American trainers in the South it is a candid and rare look at difficult truth in our culture.

In the Summer 2020 Issue

Inside Look: Summer 2020 Issue of Project Upland Magazine – V2N2

“Stakeout on the Prairie” – by Kyle Meenen

“The Road to the Invitational” – by Perry Masotti

“Woodcock of Spring: The Catch and Release Season” – by Bailey Peterson and Adam Regier

“The Spanish Double Nose” – by Craig Koshyk

“A Minnesota Grouse Odyssey” – By Eric Paulson

“A Conversation with Dave” – by Rachelle Blair-Frasier

“Rainey Giveth and She Taketh Away” – by Andrew M. Wayment

“Off Season Perfection” – By Jorge Ramirez

“Monarchs of the Uplands” – by Kim Cole and Artwork by Kathryn Hansis

“The Insult that Conquered the World” – by Gregg Elliot

From Ambition to Tradition – by Durrell Smith (Cover Story)

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