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Those Moments – A Story of Maine Bird Dogs and Hunting

Those Moments – A Story of Maine Bird Dogs and Hunting

An adventure in the Maine woods for Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock

One thing we are certain of: there is no lack of love for bird dogs in our community. From distant continents to our very own bird dogs here in North America, the love of these animals has encompassed a whole tradition.

Sometimes along the road of filming, we find the most basic, yet compelling, nuggets of advice. Patti Carter of Brunswick, Maine, sums it up well in one pithy bit of wisdom:

“Just get out there and work your dogs. And just smile. They’re smiling, they love the whole thing … Just do it. Go play with your dogs.”

If we could pick a single spokesperson that embodied honesty, authenticity, the candid self-truth of enjoying the passion of upland bird hunting, this film is it. Maine bird hunting offers an endless expanse of forest as the most wooded state in America. From the underrated American Woodcock to the King himself — the Ruffed Grouse, you’ll find it in Maine. The New England nostalgia is not lost here. It is still found along old rock walls deep in covers forgotten by farming culture gone by. The logger still haunts the landscape in the distant buzz of chainsaws and the marked trees along our walks.

Catch this full film presented by the Ruffed Grouse Society on August 6, 2018. Be sure to check out the mission of the Ruffed Grouse Society: to promote and educate on forest diversity to promote future #HealthyForests that lead to abundant wildlife.

Project Upland seeks to tell the stories of the men and women who find inspiration in the uplands. From individual stories, bird dogs, shotguns and everything else that makes our culture so special. This is a celebration of our culture and our future. These are your stories.

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