Andrea Cavaglià – A European Project Upland Filmmaker

Introducing Italian filmmaker Andrea Cavaglià to the Project Upland Original Film Series.

Andrea Cavaglià was raised hunting in the Italian Alps. His family bred a long line of English Setters. His passion for the outdoors is magnified in his evolving work as a filmmaker and photographer. Andrea’s work includes some of the Italian classics like Franchi and Fiocchi.

In 2018, Andrea will add two European films to the Project Upland Original Films line up. One tells the story of Grulla Armas, the makers of fine shotguns in Eibar, Spain (nicknamed the “Gunsmith City”). In 1932, five talented gunsmiths came together to create Grulla Armas to produce top-of-the-line artisan work. This film will celebrate the process, art, and history of gun making.

The second film celebrates the history and tradition of his families Setter line in Italy, a bloodline that excels in the extreme terrain of the Italian Alps. From Eurasian Woodcock to Ptarmigan, these dogs have a diverse range of abilities.

Check out some of Andrea’s incredible work, including “Flying with Grouse,” shot at the Withfield Estate in England on behalf of Eagle Review (an excellent travel advisor for hunting, shooting, and fishing). It highlights the unique culture of driven grouse hunts in South West Northumberland in the foothills of the Pennine.

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Last modified: August 10, 2018

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