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Dad is a Breeder – An Italian Journey of Dogs and Eurasian Woodcock

Dad is a Breeder – An Italian Journey of Dogs and Eurasian Woodcock

Many of us have come to know the work of Italian filmmaker Andrea Cavaglia. But what do we know of his backstory? How he became a part of our upland community?

“My dad sells fruit. He is not a breeder. He decided to train and work dogs as a passion.”

What if we could give you a story of English setters, the Italian Alps, Eurasian woodcock, and even puppies? This is the world Andrea grew up in. It is the passion that inspired his films and career.

Take a journey into the Italian Alps as Andrea explores his family heritage of breeding and hunting the mountains and farmlands below. From Eurasian woodcock hunting to training dogs, this is a distinct part of the world — yet still the same community we are a part of.

Like many of us, our comfort food will always be home. Despite the opportunity to see the upland world through a lens, Andrea still yearns to be in the mountains and kennels he calls home.

“My work brought me far from home, leaving my dad and my brother hunting and training alone. So when I am home I really need to be with them.”

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